Boarding Options 

Full Board - $600/month

Turnout during the day in winter or night in summer (weather dependent)

One blanket change before or after turnout

Fly masks put on for turnout

Stall cleaned and bedded once per day

Grain fed twice per day based on requirement of individual horse

Hay and clean water given as needed

All supplements that are fed in feed will be given with grain as provided by the boarder. Other feeding arrangements can be discussed with the barn owner or trainer.

Monthly Extras:

Unlimited blanketing: $75/month

Fly spray before turnout: $25/month

Grooming when brought in (brushed, feet picked, legs hosed): $100/month

Boots put on or taken off for turn out: $25/month

First aid/medical care that requires special attention: 

     $1/treatment using boarders supplies

     $1/treatment and any cost for supplies to be bought and replaced,

     $75/month for longer term daily care over 10 days

Grooming/first aid supplies for boarders who don’t buy their own supplies: $75/month

Laundry service for wraps, bandages, or saddle pads (we send blankets out): $5/load