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Lessons and Training

Group Lessons

Lessons are provided to all levels from the very beginner to those competing at the highest level. Students strong enough to ride in a group will be placed by ability into a group of 2-4 students. Lessons are $50/hour on a school horse or trailer-in, $40/hour for boarder


Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled by an individual wishing to work on something particular or for beginners who are not yet ready to ride in a group. Private lessons are 30 minutes for $45.

Lessons focus on horsemanship and proper riding technique both on the flat and over fences. 


NOTE: Does not include Boarding Fees. Please inquire for consignment sales terms

Training is available for horses who are green or need to be reschooled or tuned up.

-Individual Rides/Tune-up: $50/ride

-2x per week: $285/month

-3x per week: $375/month

Full Training: 4-5x per week: $475/month

-Full Training with 1 lesson per week on own horse: $550/month

-Full Training with 2 lessons per week on own horse: $650/month


NOTE: Does not include Lesson Fees. 


1/4 Lease: $300/month - 2 Rides per week with one required to be a lesson


1/2 Lease: $375/month - 3 Rides per week with two required to be lessons

Full lease: You assume all costs of the horse including but not limited to board, vet, farrier, etc. A yearly lease fee and/or insurance coverage may apply for some horses.


You may lesson as many times per week as you'd like, but one/two of your rides must be a lesson.


Your riding/lesson days will be selected at the beginning of the lease. The horse will still be in the lesson program. 


By leasing, your lesson fees will be the boarder price and you have first right to the horse for any shows on the schedule.


Please inquire on horses available for lease.


Show coaching, consignment sales, and purchase assistance is also available to help you find your next champion or be the next champion! Please inquire with Mary of all fees associated.

**All fees and costs are subject to change at any time. Barn will provide at least 15 days notice of any changes**